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Put your own health and well being into your schedule with mobile massage. By utilizing a portable massage table or chair, you can experience relief in your own home, office or hotel. The relaxing atmosphere of your space will put your mind and body at ease – plus you don’t have to worry about traffic!! Prices vary on length of treatment and distance from our office.

  • Residential – Visits to a residence consist of a minimum of one hour session of the massage best suited for your needs. Massage table, sheets and oil are brought to the residence and set up by the therapist. A stool or chair will need to be available if the therapist needs to sit during the session. If you have a preference of music or sounds of nature, please have your playlist ready.

  • Corporate – Employers can set up a block of time for chair massage to be provided for employee benefit/wellness. Each session lasts 10-15 minutes per employee. Minimum block of time is 3 hours and the maximum is 5 hours (including 15 minute break for therapist).

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